A further John Gohorry Videoverse on YouTube

This videopoem has been waiting several months for me to get the right didj background for the text. Back in 1984 I wrote a poem called ‘A Phrenologist’s Head’ (it’s in ‘A Voyage Round the Moon’), playing with the way in which, on the standard 19th century phrenologist’s head, very precise locations are given for various mental activities (affection, curiosity, language skill, etc). This poem is an attempt to recreate the associative flux of imaginative activity, with the didj suggesting (maybe) the buzz of electrical currents (brain waves), and the non linear appearance, absorption, and disappearance of the phrases that create and dismantle the poem almost obliterating the imagining head at the point where the poem is complete. You can find it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_3qyN4HVZA