Visual haiku

John Gohorry’s recent post reminded me of what I had created for  Poetry ID 100 Boxes ten years ago. It’s in haiku form in Japanese printed inside the blue shape but I cannot translate it into English with the same syllables.

In English, it means ‘Rain falls on a jumper. Smell of sheep in a field.’

Yuko Minamikawa Adams 南川優子



A tiny flake of it,
minute as a poppy seed,
is shining green
on my sullen face.
It may have come off
from a Christmas bauble
made in China
or a card
sent from Canada.
I try to brush it off
with my fingers
but it only travels
across my cheek.
It’s now stranded
under my mole.

Yuko Minamikawa Adams

Poetry reading in Tokyo

A Poetry ID member Yuko Minamikawa Adams is going to read her Japanese poems with her poetry friends in Tokyo:

Sunday, 18th November 2012

2.30pm for 3pm starts

Cafe Lavanderia Koyosha Bldg. 1F, 2 – 12 – 9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan (See the map).

Yuko Minamikawa Adams, Maki Kitazume, Kanako Ura, Misako Yarita and guests.

Kaze no Roudokukai