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Poet at poetry id letchworth


from the end of the pier

we see the karate kid

balance on one leg like a seagull

the sea is roughing up the beach

throwing sand at windows

running at small children

on the shrinking foundation of sand

karate kid yells ki-hap and flies into a side kick

followed by an osae block

eyes like black rocks

the folds of his robe

are rising on white wings

the waves rush him

confident of their reinforcements

but he has the absurdity of youth on his side

a yoko geri and then a bow

his mother is calling him from the promenade

and it is tempting to laugh at him

we are above the battle and grin

but as he hurries from the beach

the sea is booming beneath our feet

GWD 17/11/13


As part of the Letchworth Festival, Poetry ID will be launching their new anthology “Junction” at a poetry event to be held at David’s Bookshop. This is the result of much hard work by Poetry ID member, John Gohorry and contains poems from a broad cross-section of the membership, which is bound to entice, educate and entertain!

The event which also incorporates an “Open Mic” will be on the 13th of June at 7:30pm. Tickets £3 available from David’s and also Wild Roses Lingerie.

Further details nearer the time!