About alcsmith

Freelance facilitator and writer. Interested in: sustainable living; sustainable production; enviromental and ecopsychology; self development; adult learning; yoga; poetry; social and environmental justice; having fun; living mindfully; reflection; nature; and space.

Videos of Sappho poetry readings

Videos now available on YouTube  of the poetry readings at the unveiling of the Sappho statue:




After Orwell – pamphlet available

Poetry ID have created a pamphlet of poems specially written as part of the first George Orwell festival. Details of how to obtain a download or hard copy are here. If you happen to be visting Letchworth during the festival, which runs in mid-September, you can also buy copies from David’s bookshop or at the Poetry reading 7:30pm on 15th September – details here.

I am a being

I am a being
A person of some substance
I think
I dream
I speak
And I do what I can

I am a being
A thing of consciousness
I hope
I love
I hate
And I avoid what I can

I am a being
A creature of the universe
I want
I need
I own
And I hide when I can

I am a being
A spirit of the woods
I build
I sing
I dance
And I create what I can

I am a being
A life force to behold
I eat
I drink
I breathe
And I destroy what I can

I am a being
of substance
of consciousness

I am a being
of the universe
of the world

I am a being
A life force to behold

I am a being
Just a being

Alison Clayton-Smith