Fire and Fright Festival, Broadway Gardens Letchworth – Week beginning Monday 27 October 2014

Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation are arranging an exciting autumn festival for the schools’ half term on the themes of Fire and Fright, and Poetry ID are delighted to be taking part.

Four poets from the group – Rose Saliba, Barbara Wheeler, Clare Crossman and John Gohorry  – will be offering free drop-in readings and workshops at the Festival’s special installation in Broadway Gardens.

We will be on hand at the installation on Monday 27, Wednesday 29 & Friday 31 October,  10:00 to 12 noon and 16.30 to 19:00. The morning sessions will be aimed at families with children from 4 upwards, the afternoon/evening sessions at families with children from 7 upwards. 

With Diwali and Bonfire Night in mind,  we will be exploring the character of fire, and thinking of Halloween  we will also be looking at ghosts, ghouls and gremlins, along with whatever else makes our hair stand on end.

Come and enjoy as many of the workshop sessions as you like.  LGCHF will be putting together an anthology of writing produced in our workshops and in other creative venues during the festival, so you might find your work in print afterwards.





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