Snow Haiku

In his place of birth
a snowman is being buried
under the sunlight.


Michael Schumacher
drives softly through a roundabout
on a snowy day.


Snowflakes are falling
on my dark head and shoulders.
Heavenly dandruff.

Yuko Minamikawa Adams


9 thoughts on “Snow Haiku

  1. Love the ‘heavenly dandruff’ and the ‘snowman buried in sunlight’ you have changed the way I’ll look at snow from now on- good poems do that. Schumacher one made me chuckle!

  2. Thank you for reading this. The sad thing about a snowman is that he has to die in the place he was born. I didn’t think the image of dandruff was particularly poetic so I appreciate these comments.

    • Michael Schumacher is a very haiku-friendly name as it has five syllables. But I kind of feel he might not slow down even in the snow.

      • Five syllables if you give the first name an English pronunciation, but I think of him in a German accent as Mi-cha-el Schumacher!

      • So his authentic first name has three syllables! That reminds me my name Yuko has three syllable in Japanese, pronounced as Yu-u-ko.

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