Haizara-cho, Japanese Poetry Community

Haizara-Cho (灰皿町, Ashtray Town) is a Japanese online poetry community run by poet Rinzo Shimizu. This site covers all range of articles related to poetry and art such as poems, reviews, essays, blogs, poetry recordings and photographs, mainly posted by the members. Each of these members owns their house in this virtual town, as you see from the home page. This site also provides Social Networking Site (SNS) and Bulletin Board System (BBS), serving as a communication lounge for poets.

One of the recent updates is the Uroko Anthology (うろこアンソロジー), which showcases poems submitted to Haizara-cho at every year-end since 2000.

Although this is all in Japanese, you can find a variety of visual stuff – so just try and click those pages!

Haizara-cho covered in snow...

Haizara-cho covered in snow…


3 thoughts on “Haizara-cho, Japanese Poetry Community

    • It’s hard to explain but my house is located near top middle named 「南川優子」…which is not obviously clear. I’ll put a marker later on. Yes, please share it in our Facebook site.

  1. Looks great, I really like the concept – using the map and visual material with poetry. Thanks for sharing this.

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