my mother was a slut

who liked cute babies
and went on marches
to ban the bomb

her own mother
named her so
for leading men on
with her ration book stockings
and sooty eyes

I knew her
as a gentle woman
who never looked her father in the eye
nor my father
though she wasn’t shy

we drew on the walls
and bed sheets that hung on the line
that she wouldn’t mind
and she didn’t
as she worked on her taggy nails

my mother was a slut
her mother said
she liked me
and my sister
but most of all
she loved holidays
and men

3 thoughts on “HAPPIEST ON HER BACK

      • Thanks for taking a look Dennis. I think after the “WOW” first line, the poem does get softer on her and maybe there is an understanding of her, but I twisted it at the end to imply that she prefered her men to anything else, including her kids. There’s obviously some interesting family dynamics going on!

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