Sappho returns to Letchworth 4

In the autumn of 2011, Poetry ID were approached to compose poems to celebrate the return of the statue of Sappho to Letchworth, after an absence of fourteen years. From time to time, we shall upload some of these poems. Read and enjoy!

Fearless Heart

O fearless heart
That knows no boundaries
That knows no reason to doubt
Strides out with victorious armies

O fearless heart
That knows not how
That knows just why
Follows the distant dream

O fearless heart
That has travelled rough terrains
That has battled to victory
To stand triumphant on high plains

O fearless heart
That fuels the fires of passion
That delights in the exquisite chase
Will honour just the one true love

O fearless heart
Not knowing ones fate
Not knowing when the day is to be cut short
Surrenders at heaven’s gate

Ian Harding


The statue went missing
From out of the park.
It must have happened
Sometime after dark.

The iconic Sappho,
Removed from her plinth,
By someone equipped
With a saw and a winch.

After she’d been outed
By one of her team,
Some desperado
Came up with a scheme.

The law were just baffled.
Now the trail has gone cold.
A Garden City mystery:
Never to unfold.

There’s not a sign.
She cannot be traced.
But by Zeus, I hear
The poet will be replaced.

We’ll never know
Who pulled off this coup.
It wasn’t me.
But it could have been you.

Adam Warwicker


the fallen woman as Pin Up

the crystal sea
detonated you

the picture
sharp and clear

the apostate woman
her leap
from the Leucadian Rock

man’s interest is pricked

stretching the canvas
he draws a line in the earth
with his boot
smoke rings
treasury note

the meaning of Sappho
is business
and he is dressed in his mother’s
best velvet
as he calculates
the cost of hot pink

again the leap
this time her wrap
is transparent

once more
dragged to the cliff
she jumps

the sea
two thousand years deep
magnetises shrapnel
sells it off cheap

the fallen woman
doing the breaststroke
at three hundred pixels per inch

Gareth Writer-Davies

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