Haiku on Swimming Pool

While gripping your arms,
Some hairy chest brushes my toe.
Silent encounter.

In a steam-filled room
A voice talks of Disney Land.
Faceless Mickey Mouse.

A wave machine starts.
The heads float like Brussels sprouts.
Ripples lull the limbs.


Yuko Minamikawa Adams
First published in Poetry ID 100 Boxes

3 thoughts on “Haiku on Swimming Pool

  1. Well done, Yuko! You make even a visit to the swimming pool an eerie experience.
    On a technical note, even Basho gave himself the licence to put in extra syllables!

  2. Thanks for reading, Gereth and Dennis! I wrote this quite a long time ago for Poetry ID 100 Boxes, which we published in 2003 for Letchworth Centenary. I got inspiration from the Letchworth leisure centre.

    The second line of the first haiku has got 8 syllables, which is one syllable more. We call it jiamari (extra syllable(s)). It’s not ideal but we often break the rule like Dennis said Basho did.

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