Surrealism Workshop

This workshop was done in our regular meeting on 20 October 2011. Although it wasn’t a haiku workshop, I wrote two haiku as follows:

Puppets cut their strings.
Revolution on the stage.
The playwright is shot.

My brain is erased.
My sorrow saved on hard disk.
You delete it all.

Yuko 南川 Adams

*   *   *   *

In this workshop, I want you write a poem which has at lease one surreal idea or image. Tonight, do not bother about whether others can understand your poem.

Here are some examples of surreal ideas and images from haiku by a Japanese poet Matsuo Basho (1644 –94):

stillness –
a cicada voice
seeps into the rocks

the sea darkening
a wild duck’s call
faintly white

spring passes
and the birds cry out –
tears in the eyes of fishes

flowers all withered
plant seeds
spill pathos


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