in top hat and tails
a proper gent

she is the talk
of the salons and bars
copies of her
fetch high prices

her knickers are red
in case she forgets

before Cyrus
her island paradise
floated above the clouds
in golden blue
love was an education

the king
the accused woman
what the butler saw

Sappho as a boy
the big comeback
falling in love with a boy
onto the rocks below

Gareth Writer-Davies
October 2011

5 thoughts on “SAPPHO AS A BOY

  1. An intriguing poem with some creative anachronism. Sappho seems to be a star of her own time but also lives in the lesbian scene of 100 years ago.

  2. Thanks for your comments Dennis-always considered : )
    I guess I was hinting at the revival of Sappho in the 19th century in the salons of London and Paris and the rise of the drag kings!

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